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3 2 ACTION FILMS is a Saudi company led by highly-motivated professionals. The company started in 2002, and at that time, its name was “T-MEDIA”. Eventually, the company expanded until it became one of the most important cinematic film and documentary creators in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The strength of 3 2 ACTION FILMS is in procuring the most capable and artistically talented Saudi labor force. Indeed, the company welcomes many Saudi youth interested in cinematic artistic work, including screen writing, production, and directorial aspects. We are able, God willing, to inspire and develop creative ideas in the fields of marketing, advertising, and all media-related facets of the industry.

We at 3 2 ACTION FILMS believe that every project is a story worth telling according to its unique requirements. We are thrilled to take on any challenging project our clients bring to us. Our success and integrity relies on satisfying the needs and desires of each partnership.

At 3 2 ACTION FILMS, we currently have sustainable partnerships and alliances built with the same purpose. That is to make a dazzling artistic adventure out of each experience. We also have large-scale partnerships with common interests in Germany, Spain, Hungary, the USA, Mexico, Egypt, and Jordan. 

We are delighted to say that our movies achieved a number of awards and acknowledgments in gulf countries, local, and international events. 

3 2 ACTION FILMS is an enterprise dedicated to becoming the most outstanding production company in the Middle East. We endeavor to become the leader in the field of media and cinematic arts in our region of the world

3 2 ACTION FILMS is the finest production company in Saudi Arabia in terms of professionalism, artistic and innovative ideas, and cinematic excellence

  • Creativity: One of the most important elements is we are keen to create an internal environment that stimulates creativity and constantly seeks positive competition, which reflects outcomes that delight the client and exceed his expectations.
  • Evolution: Keep up with developments at their highest levels to ensure the efficiency of what we offer, all of that to appear in a way that corresponds with our goals and ambition and obtains customers satisfaction. 
  • Attention: We care about every work presented as a precious masterpiece.
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